Latest offer: manual compact dough sheeters TRM-320, TRM-420, TRM-520

29.10.2020 08:01

Dear partners and customers!

Today production of confectionery products cannot do without professional and high-performance dough sheeters.

The Abat dough sheeters allow you to roll out the dough correctly, which is an important process in the preparation of noodles, pies, pizza, rolls, bagels and croissants.

Dough that is too thinly rolled may break during baking, and if it is rolled out too much it may not bake. In addition, it is necessary not only to roll the dough to a certain thickness, but also to ensure the same thickness of rolling along the entire length. If the thickness of the dough is different, then the finished product will be spoiled.

Forming layers of dough of the required thickness is easily handled by the dough sheeters from Abat!

We are pleased to inform you about the release of mass production of the table-top dough sheeters TRM-320, TRM-420 and TRM-520!

Abat dough sheeters are already available for order at a favorable price:

Code Name
41000000119 Dough sheeter TRM-320, roller opening 0,1-10 mm, rollers diameter 60 mm, rollers length 320 mm, 585х505х394 mm, 0,37 kW, 400V, table-top
41000000120 Dough sheeter TRM-420, roller opening 0,1-10 mm, rollers diameter 60 mm, rollers length 420 mm, 685х505х394 mm, 0,37 kW, 400V, table-top 
41000000121 Dough sheeter TRM-520, roller opening 0,1-10 mm, rollers diameter 60 mm, rollers length 520 mm, 785х505х394 mm, 0,37 kW, 400V, table-top


- electromechanical control panel;
- metal parts of the machine in contact with the product are made of stainless steel;
- plastic parts of the machine are made of polyamide;
- operation at an ambient temperature of +10…+45 ⁰С;
- 1 speed - 0,2 m/s;
- roller gap reduction: manual;
- roller gap0,1-10 mm;
- Molykote G0050FG grease with NSF H1 food approval is used as a lubricant for rotating and rubbing surfaces of machine parts.


TRM-320 TRM-420 TRM-520
Rollers length, mm 320 420 520
Rolled dough width, mm 300 400 500
Rollers diameter, mm 60
Roller material polished  stainless steel

Optional: noodle cutter for making noodles with a width of 2, 4, 6 and 12 mm.

There is no need for additional installation of dough sheeters: it is enough to install it on a flat stable base of a table, stand or shelf. If necessary, the dough sheeter can be moved from place to place.

Abat dough sheeters significantly speed up and simplify the work of bakers, increase labor productivity in bakery industries, in bakeries, cafes and canteens.

Abat dough sheeters:
- convenient to use,
- easy to operate,
- easy to hygienic cleaning,
- low electricity consumption.

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