Latest offer: hot service counter PVT-70H of the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system

05.11.2020 11:26

Dear partners and customers!

We are glad to present the new element of the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system: the hot service counter PVT-70H, designed for demonstration, heating and short-term storage at a set temperature (from +20 to + 85° С) small-piece bakery and confectionery products, food products in functional containers and trays, as well as for their distribution to the consumer. By maintaining a constant temperature in the display unit, the warmth, taste, and softness of the products are preserved.

Code Name


Hot service counter PVT-70H 1120 mm, display unit +20…+85 С, LED-lighting, removable front panel, guiding rails as a set

The hot service counter PVT-70H  is intended for use at public catering and trade enterprises both as part of the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system and separately.

The hot service counter PVT-70H is equipped with a neutral cabinet for storing kitchen utensils: spoons, forks, paddles, ladles, boards, and containers.

The height-adjustable legs can be easily replaced with wheels with a stopper. The option with wheels is especially convenient when organizing mobile meals in hotels, restaurants, and outdoor events:

Set of wheels is always available for order:


21000001912 Set of wheels for the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system (2 fixed wheels, 2 castor wheels)


- useful volume of the display unit 0,4 m3;
- display unit demonstration area 1,34 m2;
- air temperature regulation range in the display unit from +20 to +85°С;
- the interior of the display unit is heated by a warm airflow coming from the bath, the air in which is heated by heating elements;
- for uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in the display unit, a fan is installed;
- time of the counter warming up to +60°С is 35 min;
counter length 1120 mm;
3 lamps;
- 5 options for removable panels: nut, oak, cherry, red gold, or stainless steel;
- removable panels are fixed with 4 decorative screws;
- tray sliders without joints;
- the base panel on the lower edge that closes legs and prevents dust accumulation.

By default, elements of the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system are made of stainless steel panels.

For your choice, we provide 4 options for removable panels differing in color and material: nut, oak, cherry, and red gold. Removable panels are fixed with 4 decorative screws.

Code Name
Hot service counter  PVT-70H


Front panel EMK-70H (Nut, 1120 mm)


Front panel EMK-70H (Oak, 1120 mm)


Front panel EMK-70H (Cherry, 1120 mm)


Front panel EMK-70H (Red gold, 1120 mm)

Hot service counter PVT-70H of the "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system is already available for order!

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