Boiler Combi Steamers series PP2: introduction of the boiler decalcification function

25.01.2021 10:10

Dear partners and customers!

We inform you about introduction of boiler decalcification function for Abat combi steamers series PP2, starting with the serial number according to the table below. Decalcification is designed to clean the heating elements and internal surfaces of the boiler from scale, which can significantly increase the service life of heating elements, electrodes, pipelines and the combi steamer as a whole. 

Code Product name Serial number Date of introduction
11000007069 The boiler combi steamer PKA 6-1/1PP2 331 January 2021
11000009757 The boiler combi steamer PКА 10-1/1PP2 1229 Jauary 2021
11000005228 The boiler combi steamer PКА 20-1/1PP2 ... February-March 2021

The table below lists the changes:

Change of design It was It became Advantages
1  A decalcifying agent dispenser has been introduced     

* Bottom view (dispenser casing is not shown)

* Bottom view (dispenser casing is not shown)
Automatic supply of decalcifying agent to the steam generator
2 Software is updated The item "Enable decalcification" (menu "SERVICE"► menu "CONFIGURATION"") allows you to enable/disable decalcification.

Decalcification occurs during the automatic washing. Before starting the decalcification washer, the decalcification dispenser tube must be immersed in a container with the boiler decalcification solution.


Code Name
12000137117 Abat Decalc (5 l) - liquid acid detergent for boiler decaltcification for combi steamers. 

These changes has not led to price increase! Prices for combi steamers PKA 6-1/1ПП2, PKA 10-1/1ПП2 and PKA 20-1/1ПП2 remained the same!

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