Latest offer: drainaged filter system for potato-peeling machines МКК-150, МКК-300

26.03.2021 11:00

We are pleased to present you the latest offer - removable drainaged filter system for potato-peeling machines МКК-150, МКК-300, which is designed to gather waste (potato pulp) when cleaning the tubers in order to prevent them from entering the sewage system:

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Drainaged filter system for potato-peeling machines МКК-150, МКК-300


- drainaged filter system consists of a body on supports and a basket for pulp gathering;
- it is completely made of high-quality stainless steel; 
- it is installed under the drain pipe of the potato peeling machine;
- it is possible to use together with potato peeling machines of other manufacturers that use abrasive-mechanical way of cleaning potatoes and have a drainage hole not lower than 250 mm from the floor level.

Drainaged filter system for potato-peeling machines МКК-150МКК-300 is already available to order! 

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