Latest offer: convection oven KEP-4PM

30.03.2021 13:48

Dear partners and customers!

We are pleased to present you our latest offer - convection oven KEP-4PM on 4 levels for EN 1/1 (600х400 mm) with side-opening door, which is designed for baking confectionery (fresh and frozen) and bakery productsas well as cooking in various modes:

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Convection oven KEP-4PM, 4 levels, 400х600 mm, right-left door opening, chamber of stainless steel, body of stainless steel, electronic control panel, steam humidification, precise humidity regulation from 0% to 100%, reversing, recording up to 110 four-stage cooking programs, without trays.

New convection oven KEP-4PM on 4 levels for EN 1/1 (600х400 mm) has extended functionality and a completely new design! 

Thanks to the electronic control panel you can easily control the cooking process, namely: 

- set the temperature (+30 ... +270 °C) and set the cooking time 
- record up to 110  four-stage cooking programs
- regulate the humidity in the chamber from 0 to 100%
- adjust the speed of the fans (2 speeds)
- optional INJECT button is available for manually injecting water into the chamber 
- timer up to 10 hours
- there is a COOLING mode if it is necessary to reduce the temperature in the oven  
- emergency thermo-switch at +320 °С 


- 4 levels for installing trays EN 1/1 (600х400 mm)
- interlevel distance is 75 mm
injection steam humidification with setting the frequency of moisture injection 
- rounded chamber corners for easy maintenance
- max temperature in the chamber +270 °С
- 200 mm diameter reversible fans for optimal heat distribution from the heating elements 
- the inner surface of the working chamber, as well as the body, are made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304
ventilated door with double heat-resistant glazing protects personnel from getting burnt and guarantees full heat insulation and operational safety 
opening inner glass allows you to fully wash the glass from both sides and prevents the formation of condensation during cooking
- LED-lighting
- handle with bayonet mechanism ensures smooth closing of the door and avoids shaking of dough pieces 
- installed on the stand PK-6-6/4
- suitable hood with steam condenser ZVV-4-6/4PM
- suitable bakery cabinet - SHRТ-12, SHRТ-12E, SHRТ-12М, SHRТ-12EМ

Convection oven KEP-4PM is already available to order!

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