Brand new potato-peeling machines МКК-01 series with stands and peel holding tanks.

04.09.2015 06:47

We have great news for kitchen professionals! More specifically for cafe, restaurant and food service company owners! We introduce potato-peeling machines MKK-150-01, MKK-300-01 and MKK-500-01 under the brand name Abat for a serial production.

Their mission is to speed up the cooking processes at your company kitchen as now the kitchen staff doesn't have to peel lots and lots of potatoes and other root vegetables by hand.   

From this point on we are going to tell you about some technical characteristics. The frame box of machines MKK-01 series is made of high-quality polished stainless steel - both inside and outside, which is really important for a product being always in a contact with water. The level of frame box protection from ingress of moisture meets IP 23 standard. At the bottom part of the frame box there is a high-power closed type engine, designed for a long-term performance and fully protected from ingress of moisture. The level of engine protection from ingress of moisture meets IP 54 standard. Due to the glass lid the peeling process goes under constant control and you can visually determine the peeling efficiency of roots.  Simple and easy mechanism of lid's opening and fixation makes the load of roots fast and comfortable. Not only the rotary disk is covered with the grinding material but also the walls of work chamber. The grinding material used in potato-peeling machines МКК doesn't soak and will stay in a good condition for the whole year even if you use the machine 7 days a week. The roots are constantly watered by sprayer for better mixing and cleaning.

The operation of the machine starts with the turn of timer. The unloading of products is performed under the influence of centrifugal force. The peels and water are disposed through the hole on the bottom of body frame through the drain tube to the peels holding tank. The water is disposed through the drainage hole on the bottom of the pallet but the peels stay at the peel holding tank without clogging drains. The stand and peel holding tank of potato-peeling machines МКК-01 series are made of polished stainless steel as well.

No special skills to work with potato-peeling machines МКК-01 series are required. You just need to load roots to the work chamber, close the lid tightly, open the water supply tab, which is in a delivery package and set up the processing time. After finishing the peeling you need to close the tap and open the lid. When you open the lid the noncontact sensor disables the operation of electric engine. When you close the lid the operation starts again. Open the unloading opening and turn the timer - roots will fall into the placed tank.

Due to uneven grinding disk and walls of work chamber you can peel not only potatoes, but also carrots, beets, onions and other root vegetables. Their peeling doesn't differ from the peeling of potatoes.

In order to peel the next portion of roots turn the timer to the home position and push the button "Start".

In one operation cycle of potato-peeling machine:
- MKK-150-01 you can process up to 10 kg of roots, up to 150 kg - in one hour with the consumed power not more than 0,55 kWt hour;
- MKK-300-01 you can process up to 17 kg of roots, up to 300 kg - in one hour with the consumed power not more than 0,75 kWt hour;
- MKK-500-01 you can process up to 27 kg of roots, up to 500 kg - in one hour with the consumed power not more than 1,1 kWt hour.

It is necessary to perform thorough cleaning of the machine every day if you want it to serve you for a long time.

Easy-to-operate, productive and well-functioning potato-peeling machines МКК-01 series under the brand name Abat will save your time by simple and fast peeling of root vegetables, guarantee you trouble-free operation even being in an intensive use, and due to their small sizes they will take little space at your kitchen.

Learn more about our brand new machines MKK-150-01, MKK-300-01 и MKK-500-01 on our official website in section Mechanical equipment - you can find the prices in our official price-list.

You can also order our potato-peeling machines as exhibition samples. Learn about the terms of order on our site in section  Special Offers.