ABAT at HOST-2017, Milan, Italy

16.10.2017 10:09

Dear partners and customers!

On October 20-24, 2017, we invite you to visit our stand R-56 (Pavilion 4) at Host-2017 - the world's biggest annual food & hospitality show that will takes place in Fiera Milano exhibition centre.

On-line pre-registration: VISIT HOST

Our guests will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting Abat offers:

- gass cooking line 700 series - gas deep-fryer GFK-40.1N, gas range PGK-27N, gas lava grill ГЛК-40Н, gas grill GLK-40N, gas pasta cooker GVK-40/1N, gas bain-marie GMK-40N
- gas tilting bratt pan GSK-90-0,67-120
- boiler type combi steamers PKA-10-1/1PP2 and PKA-10-1/1PM2 on PK-6MS open stands with exhaust hoods ZVV-800
- mini combi steamer PKA-6-1/2P with ZVV-700 exhaust hood
- KEP-10P and KEP-10 convection ovens on SHRT-12 proofers
- programmable electric indirect boiling pan KPEM-100-OMP (touch screen control board, seamless bowl, electric tilting, mixing tool, cooling mode)
- programmable electric indirect boiling pan KPEM-160-OM2  with a drain-off valve (membrane keyboard, seamless bowl, electric tilting, mixing tool, cooling mode)
- electric indirect boiling pan KPEM-60-OMR (analog control, seamless bowl, manual tilting, mixing tool)
- KPEM-160/9T electric indirect boiling pan 900 series
- shock freezer SHOCK-10-1/1
- spiral dough mixer TMS-60NN-2P
- potato-peeling machines MKK-500-01 and MKK-300-01

During the show marketing and technical specialists will make you familiar with Abat equipment and answer your questions in English and Russian.

Looking forward to see you at our stand,

ABAT team