Food & Hotel Asia-2018, Singapore

18.04.2018 15:48

Dear partners and customers!

April 24-27, 2018 we invite all partners and customers of Abat to visit our stand H4J3-01 at the international exhibition in the sphere of restaurant and hotel business Food & Hotel Asia-2018, which will take place in Suntec Singapore, Singapore.

The following products of the Abat trademark will be presented to the guests of the exhibition:

- combi-steamers  PКА-10-1/1PP2 and PКА-10-1/1PМ2-01;
- ventilation hoods ZVV-800
- shock freezer SHOK-10-1/1AEF
- convection ovens КEP-10P, КEP-10 on proofers SHRТ-12;
- mini combi-steamer PKA-6-1/2P;
- electric boiling pan KPEМ-100-OMP;
- electric boiling pan KPEM-60-OMR-V;
- electric boiling pan KPEM-160-OM2 with drain off-valve;
- gas boiling pan  КPGМ-60-ОМR;
- gas boiling pan KPGM-160/9T;
- potato peeling machines МКК-300-01 и МКК-500-01;
- gas tilting bratt pan GSК-90-0,67-120;
- gas fry top GАКО-90P;
- gas range PGК-47N-01;
- gas grill GK-40N;
- gas lava grill GLK-40N;
- gas pasta cooker GVK-40.1N;
- gas deep fryer GFK-40.1N;
- Gas bain-marie GMK-40N.

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We are waiting  you at our stand!