Latest offer: gas tilting bratt pan for 150 liters by Abat

04.07.2018 15:54

We`re glad to inform you about large-scale production of the gas tilting bratt pan GSK-90-0,67-150 for 150 liters under the brand name Abat designated for frying products, sautéing vegetables, braising and poaching fish, meat and vegetables at public catering enterprises: 

Code Product name  Price, rub. including VAT
210000802033 Gas bratt pan  GSK-90-0,67-150, seamless bowl 1100х630х238 mm, 0,67 m2, 150 l, tilting, 900 series, 1202х1050х940 mm, +100…+340 °C, "gas-control" system, 2 burners, 32 kW 192 000




900 series;
- facing and side panels from stainless steel AISI 304 1 mm thick;
- back cover from painted galvanized metal;
- seamless (without welds) steel bowl;
- the bottom of the bowl is 10 mm thick which allows keeping heat for a long time. 
- bowl internal dimensions 1100х630х238 mm;
- bottom dimensions 0,67 m2;
- bowl capacity 150 l;
- the mechanism of lifting and lowering the bowl;
- the lid can be fixed in any position;
- smooth temperature regulation of frying surface from +100 °C to +340 °C;
- time of heating up to +230 °C - 14 minutes;
- possibility to use both natural and condensed gas;
- 2 removable nozzles for condensed gas are included in the delivery set;
- "gas-control" system;
- flame ignition system;
- height-adjustable legs.

Why do we give preference to the steel bottom, and not to the cast iron? Gray cast irons  features the best non-stick properties and thermal conductivity, but high permissible standards of iron migration while contact with food make them unapplicable in the food industry due to harmful effects on the human body. (It is almost impossible to pass certification in sanitary epidemiological inspectorates with a pan made of gray cast iron). Therefore, for the production of pans bowls are usually used cast iron with doped additives (Cr, Ni), which significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of cast iron, the thermal conductivity of the steel bottom used by us is 20-25% higher. The heating of the bowl is carried out by electric heaters, which are fixed on the thickened bottom of the bowl.

Bratt pans GSK under the trademark Abat comply with international production standards. Many sanitary and epidemiological services of European countries have claims to the iron surfaces associated with increased migration of iron from cast iron to food. Therefore, it is no accident that the bratt pans of most European manufacturers have a stainless steel bottom. Thus, Western producers pay more attention to the health of end-users. In the bratt pans of our production we use a steel bottom, the heat conductivity of which can be compared with the parameters of cast iron bowls. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of the bottom of the pan under the trademark Abat at t = 300 °C is 39.6 kcal * m * h * C, for comparison, cast iron is 40 kcal * m * h * C. The distribution of temperature on the bottom of the pan, under steady-state conditions (270 °C) is 15 C, according to the international standard IEC 335-2-13-87 <50 C.

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