Latest offer: Gas cooker GVK-90/2P 900 series by Abat

05.07.2018 12:15

We`re glad to inform you about large-scale production of gas cooker GVK-90/2P designated for cooking rice, macaroni, vegetables, root vegetables, eggs, dumplings and for boiling water at public catering enterprises both independently and as part of technological line.

Code Product name Price, rub. including VAT
210000802032 Gas cooker GVK-90/2P, bath 310х510х170 mm, 4хGN 1/2, 900 series, flame ignition system, "gas control" system, 2 burner, 17,2 kW, desk-type, 800х899х944(1088) mm, completely made of stainless steel 99 900


- 900 series;

- facing, side panels and support unit equipped with shelf are made of stainless steel AISI 304 1 mm thick;
- back covering from painted galvanized metal 1 mm thick;
- full power capacity 17,2 kW;
- natural gas consumption 1,820 m3;
- condensed gas consumption 1,356 kg/h;
​- 2 burners;
2 baths;
- tap for filling water;
- internal dimensions of each bath 310х510х170 mm;
- volume of water, poured into each bath to the maximum level for boiling - 19 l;
- volume of water, poured into each bath to the maximum level for cooking - 14 l;
4 gastronorm pans GN 1/2-150 are included in the delivery set;
- the amount of product loaded into each gastronorm pan - 4,5 kg;
- time of heating up to boiling temperature - 30 minutes;
- possibility to run on both natural and condensed gas;
set of removable nozzles for condensed gas is supplied with the product;
- "gas-control" system;
flame ignition system
- under each bath is situated drain tap;
​- height-adjustable legs.

Conditions of ordering equipment for exhibition halls you can find on our website in the section Special offers.