FIFA World Cup 2018 by Abat!

16.07.2018 09:02

The French national team has become a two-time world champion!

The World Cup in Russia which was praised by all - ordinary fans, football players, coaches and even foreign politicians of not the most friendly countries - ended as brightly as it had been this month. The French deservedly won, but Croatia fought to the very end, and most of the applause after the graduation was her.

Applause is also deserved by the high-quality equipment manufacturers that properly equipped the training grounds of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! The Abat brand was not an exception!

Ice-makers of flake ice by Abat were supplied on the training grounds of the World Cup-2018 where they showed themselves very well!

But, as they say, "game by game but a dinner under the schedule"!

To tastily feed all the fans the Abat brand has supplied steam boilers, distribution lines, dishwashers, a cooking line (electric bratt pans, deep fryers, electric cookers) to the 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums. "Three fans in head-bands" (now official mascots of the Russian team) know a lot about tasty food!

Abat - Simple recipe of success!

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