Interregional festival of culinary arts "Hospitable Chuvashia"!

30.07.2018 10:15

On July 26-27 in Cheboksary the Interregional Festival of Culinary Art "Hospitable Chuvashia" was held for the first time, one of the partners of which was the trade mark Abat!

The interregional festival of culinary arts "Hospitable Chuvashia"
, which was held under the frame of Day of the Trade Worker, was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development of the republic, Cheboksary City Hall and the Association of Cooks of Chuvashia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Chuvashia.

Within the framework of the festival there were held competitions of professional skill among chefs and confectioners of the Republic of Chuvashia and other regions of Russia on the equipment of the trade mark Abat which showed itself well, allowing participants to cook on professional kitchen equipment of high quality! Participation was received by teams from several regions of Russia, as well as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The participants of the Interregional festival of culinary arts were judged by members of the international panel of judges led by the president of the Russian Culinary Association - Victor Belyaev.

It should be noted that the equipment under the Abat trademark is also actively supplied for master classes not only in Russia but also abroad!

For master classes, we offer you a full range of programmable combi steamers at 6, 10 and 20 levels, including mini-combi steamers PKA-6-1 / 3P and PKA-6-1 / 2P, as well as convection ovens KEP and KPP, boiling pans of OMR series, pizza ovens for pizza, LH ice makers, electromechanical equipment, including MKO-50 vegetable cutting machine, MCC potato peeler, TMS dough mixer.

Your suggestions for holding of master classes on other equipment of the trade mark Abat is accepted!

Comprehensive information about holding of master-classes on the equipment under Abat trademark you can find on our website MASTER-CLASSES!