Abat in Gastreet International Restaurant Show 2019!

23.05.2019 16:15

From 27 to 31 May 2019 a large-scale event in the restaurant business will be held in Sochi - Gastreet International Restaurant Show 2019!

Gastreet - a unique educational closed city for restaurateurs and chefs, is a platform for learning, communication and tasting hundreds of flavors and products in one place.  

We invite our partners to visit the food court of Abat and share with us the joy of a unique atmosphere to the site PIZZA STREET in house number 3.3.

On Gastreet you expect a large-scale educational program: a real live experience of leading successful restaurateurs, performances by renowned speakers, haute cuisine by chefs from around the world championship in cooking pizza!

Playground PIZZA STREET - it's a great tandem educational area and a food court. Abat brand equipment will be on display at both the food court as well as in the educational tent.

In the food court of Abat, you can taste the correct pizza and excellent meals cooked on novelties from Abat:




You can see "live" the following equipment:
- ice machine cube ice LG-24 / 06K-02
- thermal vitirinu VTN-70
- refrigerating tables CXC-60-01 and CXC-70-01P pizza
- freezer ShHn-0,5-01

The quality of meals from Abat satisfy even the most demanding guest!

In addition to the food court equipment brand Abat will be widely used in the educational tent PIZZA STREET, Gastreet where participants will be able to observe the work of the following products:
- a salad bar PVV (N) -140SM-01
- mixers spiral TMS 30NN CHEF-MC series on SHRT-12
- electric furnace pizza PEP-4x2.


Join Abat in educational city for restaurateurs, and you will have to wait a lot of interesting and unexpected!

Welcome to the Gastreet International Restaurant Show 2019!