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The kettle with the functions of tilting, stirring and cooling KPEM-200-OMP is intended for preparation of broths, sauces, desserts, second and third dishes. Products can be prepared with or without stirring.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW(27,1) 28,7
Nominal voltage, V3N/PE 400В 50Гц
Number of heating elements9
Nominal volume, l200
Mixing tool+
Time of heating to +95 ° C, min, not more than80
Temperature control range of steam-water jacket, ° C+3...+120
Bowl diameter, mm790
Overall dimensions, mm1510х1061х1306
Weight, kg327

TFT screen, USB port, memory for 50 user programs, up to 5 steps in each program, lower mixer drive, mixer reverse, heating from +3 to +110 C, cooling from +110 to +3 C, hand shower, bay water at the user's choice - a measured or manual, smooth adjustment of the speed of the mixer in the range from 0 to 120 rpm.



- all-welded (without weld seams) cooking vessel made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316;
- case made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304;
- the volume of the brewing vessel is 200 liters;
- overturning by means of the electric drive;
- control panel - TFT-screen;
- Ability to record up to 50 custom cooking programs;
- up to 5 steps in each program;
- USB port on the control panel to update the software;
- Ability to import / export programs from PC to USB-drive;
- timer up to 10 hours;
- temperature of steam-water jacket up to +120 C;
- Gulf of water at the user's choice - measured or manual;
- the cover is fixed in any position;
- the protective cover of the boiler cover allows visual control of the cooking process, as well as the possibility of adding ingredients to the boiler without stopping the mixing process; is covered with a solid small cover, which can be easily removed for cleaning;
- hand shower for hygienic cleaning of the cooking vessel;
- easily removable mixer.


- Stiffened construction - 3 mm thick edges;
- lower drive;
- smooth adjustment of rotation speed from 0 to 120 rpm;
- Reverse.


- "Forward";
- "Forward - A short pause";
- "Forward - Pause";
- "Forward - Back - Pause";
- "Forward - Back (slowly)";
- "Back and forth".

The time of rotation of the bowl to each side and the pause time is set by the user. Due to the rigid design, smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation of the mixer and the function of the reverse in the boilers of the OMP series, it is possible to mix and beat almost any product. The mixer can be easily removed if there is no need for stirring the product.


- "Heating" from +3 to +110 C;
- "Cooling" from +110 to +3 C;
- "Program" to 50 five-step programs.

The cooling function of the boiler's contents is carried out by cooling the steam-water jacket with cold running water. The contents of the boiler are cooled down to the set temperature. Water level monitoring in the "steam-water jacket" is carried out automatically - that is, the user does not need to add water to the steam-water jacket manually.

Fixing to the floor with foundation bolts M10x100.

Thanks to its functionality, you can cook a wide variety of first, second and third dishes - soups, cereals, mashed potatoes, omelettes, curry, pilaf, roasts, stews, stews, sauces, compotes and desserts. Kettles of OMP series of Abat trade mark are equipment that can compete on equal terms with Western analogues having prices several times higher, not only not conceding, but also exceeding them in quality in many parameters (including heating and cooling rates). For European and Asian countries, these kettles are produced in an export version - with a control panel in English or any other language.

ABAT Boiling Pans (Kettles) - 2018

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