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KPEM-160-OM2 with drain-off valve
KPEM-160-OM2 electric tilting boiling pan with a mixer is designated for cooking broths, soups, sauces, mousses, porridges, light dough, whipped toppings, and for water boiling.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW(18,1) 21
Nominal voltage, V3N/PE 400V 50Hz
Number of tubular heating elements6
Volume, l160
Mixing tool+
Time of heating to +95 °C, min60
Jacket temperature, °C+3...+120
Product temperature, °C+3...+110
Bowl diameter, mm652
Overall dimensions, mm1363х980х1164
Weight, kg277

USB-port, possibility of recording up to 50 programs (5 steps in each program), reversible bottom mixer, heating from +3 to +110 С, chilling from +110 to +3 С, hand shower, mixing speed 0-120 rpm (10 steps), seamless bowl

KPEM-160-OM2 with drain-off valve

Electric tilting
Mixing tool
Drain-off valve

For cooking broths, soups, sauces, mousses, porridges, light dough, whipped toppings, and for water boiling. Strong reversible bottom-driven mixer. Cooking without mixing is possible as well as the mixer can be easily removed. Seamless bowl for models with capacity from 60 to 250 litres. The lid can be fixed in any position.


- bowl of stainless steel AISI 316;
- body of stainless steel AISI 304.

- COOKING (from +3 °C to +110 °C)
- COOLING (from +110 °C to +3 °C)



- membrane keyboard controller;
- memory for 50 cooking programs;
- up to 5 steps in each program;
- timer from 1 min to 9 hours 59 min;
- electric tilting;
- mixing speed regulation from 0 to 120 rpm (10 steps);
- bottom type mixer drive;
- reverse mode;
- cooking from +3 °С to +110 °C;
- chilling from +110 °С to +3 °C;
- USB-port for software updating;
- automatic water filling;
- the mixing tool is easy to remove and wash in a dishwaher;
- all the models are available with a drain-off valve 40 mm in diameter;
- hand shower for manual bowl washing.

The lid can be fixed in any position and is equipped with a safety grid which does not prevent visual monitoring over the cooking process and makes it possible to add ingredients without lifting the lid. The safety grid is supplied with a covering plate to protect the product from outside contaminants and to prevent excess moisture evaporation from the bowl.

ABAT Boiling Pans (Kettles) - 2017

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