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Smoker DG-85
Smoker DG-85 is designated for smoking food products in all models and sizes of Abat combi-steamers.
Key information:
Nominal voltage, V230
Nominal power consumption, W90
Heating element power consumption, W85
Overall dimensions of the chip container, mm412х120х71
Overall dimensions of the control unit, mm182х160х150
Weight, kg7,3

Smoker DG-85

Smoker DG-85 makes it possible to cook and smoke food products at the same time.

Abat smoker allow you to give food products tasty and natural smoky flavours and perfect colour.
Smoker DG-85 is the perfect accessory to smoke food directly in the combi-steamer using wood chips:

- hot-smoked salmon;
- smoked comber;
- smoked trout;
- smoked vegetables; 
- smoked brisket;
- smoked pork ribs;
- smoked steak;
- smoked picnic shoulder;
- smoked broiled chicken;
- smoked turkey breast:
- smoked chicken and duck breast.

All information tnat you`ll need to smoke food you can find in our operating instructions for Smoker DG-85.

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