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PK-10MF welded open stand is designated for installation of combi steamers of PKA type onto its tabletop and placing of up to 10 GN 1/1 on the guiding rails.
Key information:
Max allowable load, kgGN 1/1
Number of levels10
Compatible modelsPКА 10-1/1PМF


Main characteristics:

- welded design of increased rigidity of rectangular and square tubes;
- wall mounting;
- fixing to the floor (regular places for fixing to the floor of each leg);
- guides of a special shape, preventing the spontaneous rolling out of gastronorms;
- standart places of attachment of the combi steamer tj the stand;
- all stainless steel AISI 304;
- height-adjustable feet.

Shipped assembled.

ABAT Combi Steamers - 2020

Download materials PК-10МF