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PKA 10-1/1VP2
PKA-10-1/1VP2 programmable combi steamer is a modern development for your kitchen which changes many traditional processes of cooking. The device prepares a large number of delicious dishes in a short period of time with significant cost saving.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW12.5
Nominal voltage, V400
Max temperature in the chamber, °C270
Tray size1/1
Number of levels10
Interlevel distance, mm70
Number of aerial tubular heating elements3
Overall dimensions, mm 840x800(865)x1085
Weight, kg145

control panel in English, 120 built-in programs + possibility of recording up to 360 programs of own cooking recipes and create up to 4 cooking stages in each program, 12 modes, USB-port, possibility of cooking in manual mode, 5-speed fan, fan reverse, humidity tegulation (from 0 to 100%), multi-point core probe, «Delta T» mode, self-diagnostic system, delayed start function, automatic washing, hand shower, double glazing, ventilated door with a two-stage opening mechanism, “hands free” door lock

PKA 10-1/1VP2

PKA-10-1/1VP2 monitors the temperature within the chamber and inside the product as well as air humidity in the chamber every second. In order to save time, a cook can choose the only one needed of 120 built-in programs. Moreover, it is possible to record up to 360 programs of own cooking recipes and create up to 4 cooking stages in each program, including the time of direct cooking and standby stages. Personal recipes can be stored in the electronic memory unit, secured by an individual password of the cook. As well the recipes can be written down to the memory card via USB-port. Such additional features of the steamer, as possibility to maintain the set up temperature, moisture control in the chamber from 0 to 100% and 5 fan speeds guarantee dainty cooking of a long list of dishes.

The combi steamer also has the following manual modes: convection, convection+steam, steam. Supplementary features include regeneration, proving, cooling, warming up, low temperature steam. Time is crucial for cooking. This steamer is well aware of it. The additional mode of monitoring product readiness at all stages of cooking will considerably save time when several different dishes are being prepared at the same time. The function of a delayed start makes it possible to program the beginning of cooking process in real time mode.

The combi steamer has a special built-in control algorithm which automatically chooses a mode of thermal conditioning of a dish depending on the weight of the product. The combi steamer can operate depending on the temperature of a multi-point core probe. It is also possible to maintain a constant difference between the temperature inside the product and within the chamber (so called «Delta T» mode) what allows delicate dish cooking with a minimal loss of weight and moisture.

Lateral location of the ovens in all Abat combi steamers makes their use convenient. Guide rails on the long side of the food storage containers make it possible to use containers of smaller sizes (GN 1/2 and G/N 1/3) without additional adapters. A door mechanism is of “hands free” type – the door can be easily closed by a single hand motion, what significantly simplifies the work of the cook. A two-stage opening mechanism of the door protects personnel from an impact of hot steam. A ventilated door of the bake oven also prevents a risk of scalds to the hands from external side of the door. Convection steamers VP2 series are equipped with a double thermal glass door. At that, the inner glass is a heat-reflecting one, what additionally saves heat energy. The openable inner glass allows washing the glass all over from both sides and also prevents condensate formation. Modern automatic controls provide a quick switch-over from standby to operation mode. Low power consumption (comparing to analogues) reduces time operational costs for cooking without losses of quality.  All programmable combi steamers have a fully automatic washing with three operation modes: quick, full and medium. The apparatus automatically adds cleansing and rinsing means in the required volumes into the chamber according to one of three washing modes set up by the cook. Besides, the unit is equipped with a hand shower. Together with the broadest functionality of the device, it is quite easy to control. PKA-10-1/1VP2 is equipped with a sensor display with clear and plain indication in the English language and a detailed operation manual. Convenient and user-friendly interface will prevent any difficulties in controlling the steamer. The self-diagnostic system tests the steamer every second, enabling, thus, to detect and correct any trouble in the shortest terms. Intelligent and innovative, the combi steamer of VP2 series can be  really an intellectual center of your kitchen.   

- convection (+ 30 ° С ... + 270 ° С)
- convection + steam (+ 30 ° С ... + 250 ° С)
- steam (+ 30 ° C)
- low-temperature steam (+ 30 ° С ... + 98 ° С)
- heating (+ 30 ° С ... + 250 ° С)
- regeneration (+ 30 ° С ... + 60 ° С)
- thermal insulation (+ 30 ° С ... + 60 ° С)
- cooling (to a minimum of + 30 ° C)
- multilevel cooking
(a timer for each level)

- injection type 
- 10 levels for gastronorms GN1 / 1 size
- longitudinal loading allows to use gastronorms of both GN1 / 2 size and GN1 / 3
- convenient control panel (TFT-screen)
- ease of maintenance
- ventilated door with double heat-resistant glazing
- two-way door closing mechanism
- door-closing system "hands free"
- internal camera lighting
- the degree of protection of the camera against moisture penetration corresponds to the standard IPX5
- temperature control 1 ° С
- humidity adjustment from 0% to 100%
- timer from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes
- system of somodiagnostics
- delayed start function
- hand shower
- built-in condensate collection tray
- drainage system

1. Multi-point temperature probe for measuring the internal temperature of the product. The process of cooking is no longer necessary to monitor - it will automatically end after the product reaches the required degree of availability.
2. Reversible fan. 5 speeds of the fan. You can choose the necessary for frying large pieces of meat, and for baking light desserts and confectionery.
3. "Delta T" mode - automatic maintenance of a constant difference between the temperature inside the product and the temperature in the chamber. Allows delicately prepare meals with minimal loss of weight and moisture.
4. Up to 4 stages of preparation in each program.
5. 120 built-in cooking programs.
6. Ability to record up to 360 programs of your own recipes under the individual cook's password.
7. 6 fully automatic washing programs with two types of detergents - liquid and solid, in the form of tablets.
8. USB-port.

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