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Mini-combi steamer PKA-6-1/2V
Mini-combi steamer PKA-6-1/2V of an injection type with a top control panel is designated for cooking various dishes with the help of steam or hot air separately or combined. The steam is generated by water injection into the chamber. Considering small-size oven with optimal dimensions, the device occupies minimal working space in a kitchen, whether it is a restaurant, café, bar or a common apartment. Its capacity is 6 GN 1/2 (325x265 mm). During simultaneous preparation of various dishes, each of them gets its own delicious taste; appetizing and fresh, the food preserves the majority of vitamins and mineral substances.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW4.2
Nominal voltage, V230
Max temperature in the chamber, °C270
Tray sizeGN 1/2 (325x265 mm)
Number of levels6
Number of aerial tubular heating elements2
Overall dimensions, mm 525х620х710
Weight, kg51

Mini-combi steamer PKA-6-1/2V

- injection type 
convenient control panel (membrane keyboard)
- ease of maintenance
- easily removable fat filter
- generator heating element can be easily descaled

- ventilated door with double heat-resistant glazing
- two-way door opening mechanism ensures personnel safety from hot steam exposure
- door-closing system "hands free"
- integrated door drip pan to collect condensed water and to prevent liquids from falling on the floor
- rounded inner corners of the chamber for easy operation and maintenance
- internal camera lighting
- the degree of protection of the camera against moisture penetration corresponds to the standard IPX5
- multipoint temperature probe can be used with all basic programs to increase cooking efficiency
- humidity regulation from 0% to 100% 
- timer from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes
reverse fan
- ability to record up to 110 own cooking programs
up to 4 stages of preparation in each program
- low power consumption (4,2 kW)
automation ensures short warm-up period
- operation from single-phase mains 230 V

- convection (+ 30 ° С ... + 270 ° С)
- convection + steam (+ 30 ° С ... + 250 ° С)
- heating with steam (+ 30 ° С ... + 160 ° С)
- low-temperature steam (+ 30 ° С ... + 98 ° С)
- steam ( 100 ° С)

Combining low cost price and compact size mini combi-steamer keeps all the advantages of standard combi-steamer. All together it makes mini combi-steamer unique and procurable.

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