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SHRT-10-1/1M hot storage proving cabinet is designated for proving small piece baked and confectionery products (or frozen semi-finished products) at public catering facilities.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW2.53
Nominal voltage, V230
Number of tubular heating elements2
Temperature regulation range within the chamber, °С20-85
Time of heating up to +60 °C, min20
The volume of water poured into the tub, dm33
Number of tubs1
Humidity level in the chamber, %50-95
Tray size, mmGN 1/1
Overall dimensions, mm840x730x980
Weight, kg80


Capacity - 10 GN 1/1. The temperature adjustment range is from 20° to 85° C. Uniform heat distribution in the chamber is provided due to a convection process. Steam humidification is provided by moisture evaporation from a bottom water container under the temperature effect. A glass door and a chamber illumination allow easily monitoring the cooking process. Proving cabinets are used at public catering facilities together with combi steamers or convection cabinets. 

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