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The umbrella exhaust built-in ZVV-700 for the combi steamer PKA-6-1 / 1 and PKA-10-1 / 1 is used for cleaning air from aerosols of fat, oil, water vapor.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, W120
Nominal voltage, V230
Filter typelabyrinth
Air capacity, m3/h1400
Air velocity in the working area of the hood, m/s0,4
Number of ventilators1
Number of labyrinth filters2
Overall dimensions, mm843х1058х286
Weight, kg30


ZVV-800 exhaust hood is designated for cleaning air from fat, oil and steam. 

To be installed onto a relevant Abat combi-steamer.

Materials: AISI 304 stainless steel.

ABAT Combi Steamers - 2018

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