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Built-in exhaust hood ZVV-600 for the combi-steamer PKA-6-1 / 3P is used for cleaning air from aerosols of fat, oil, water vapor.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, W120
Nominal voltage, V230
Filter typelabyrinth
Air capacity, m3/h1400
Air velocity in the working area of the hood, m/s0,4
Number of ventilators1
Number of labyrinth filters1
Overall dimensions, mm520х786х286
Weight, kg18,5


The ZVV-600 exhaust hood is designed for installation on steam-heated ovens of the type PKA-6-1/3P and consists of three main parts: a casing, a removable labyrinth filter and a fan. It is connected to the combi-steamer by means of a power cable (1,8 m with grounding) and fixed with corners and bolts M5 to the rear wall of the mini combi-steamer.

Principle of operation: The heated air saturated with vapors of oil, fat and water is sucked in by the fan and passes through the labyrinth filters. Then, the oil, grease and water vapor contained in the air condense on the filter due to the temperature difference and flow into the hermetically sealed bath - the grease box - located in the exhaust hood casing. The exhaust hood bathtub has a drain tube with a G 1/2 "thread, to which a ball valve is to be connected to drain the liquid.

ABAT Combi Steamers - 2020

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