Convection ovens Abat are designed for cooking and heating dishes, as well as baking of bakery and confectionery products at public catering establishments.

Heat treatment of products occurs due to uniform circulation of hot air inside the working chamber. The preparation can be carried out both in software (KEP-10P, KEP-6P, KEP-4P, KEP-4P, KEP-4-1 / 2P), and in manual (KEP-10, KEP-10E, KEP-6, KEP -6E, KEP-4, KEP-4E, KPP-4E, KPP-4-1 / 2E, PKE-4E) modes. Rounded corners of the working chamber provide easy maintenance and cleaning of the product. The door with double heat-resistant glazing with air interlayer excludes the possibility of getting burns while working with equipment. Powerful reversible fans with a diameter of 200 mm optimally distribute heat from the heating elements. Convection ovens Abat can be installed on the SHRT expansion cabinets or PC stands designed for them.