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Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW8
Number of burners1
Number of sections1
Bottom surface of the section, m20,75
Temp. regulation range, °C+100...+340
Time of heating the oven up to 340° C, min.30
Internal dimensions of the section, mm1035х770х250
Capacity of the section24 loaf moulds №7
Overall dimensions, mm1300х970(1057)х1166(1368)
Weight, kg150


Features of gas deck ovens:

- chamber is made of galvanized steel
- hearth is from carbon steel 3 mm thick
- door, facing is from stainless steel
- removable chimney
- piezo ignition system
- gas-control system
- smooth regulation of temperature from +100 to +340 °C
- possibility of using both natural and liquified gas
- removable atomizer burners are in set
- side and back frames are from painted metal
- painted stand
- height adjustable legs
- available in assembled construction

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