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VTN-70 hot tabletop display is designated for short-term keeping readymade dishes hot in gastronorm containers and their serving to customers.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW2,27
Nominal voltage, V230
Number of tubular heating elements5
Temperature regulation range, °C+20...+80
Operative temperature on the shelves, °С60 ±10
Time of warming to operative temperature, min.20
Effective volume, m30,27
Display surface, m20,93
Overall dimensions, mm 1120х730х860
Weight, kg79


The main characteristics of the desktop thermal display case VTN-70:

- installed on any flat, flat surface of a suitable size due to the height-adjustable legs;
- Thermostat for setting and maintaining the temperature in the bath;
- Thermostat for setting and maintaining the temperature in the cabinet;
- 5 heating elements: 2 - in the shelf, 3 - in the bath;
- range of temperature control in the cabinet from +20 to +80 C;
- work at ambient temperature from +12 to +42 C;
- two sliding glass doors from the staff;
- 5 fluorescent lighting lamps: 2 - under the shelf, 3 - under the top cover;
- the shelf, racks and base of the display case are made of stainless steel AISI 304 1 mm thick;
- shelf dimensions 1043х372х60 mm;
- the through perforation of the shelf ensures an even distribution of heat in the cabinet;
- side walls and sliding doors of tempered glass 5 mm thick;
- bent toughened glass 6 mm thick from the buyer's side;
- in the package of GN container 1 / 1-40 3 pcs. and GN 1 / 3-20 - 5 pcs.

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