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GMK-40N gas bain-marie, desktop type, is designated for short-term keeping first and second courses hot in gastronorm containers and serving them to the clients.
Key information:
Nominal heat input, kW3
Number of burners, pc1
Bath internal dimensions, mm401х827х474
Max water volume to be poured into the bath, l4
Air temperature in the bath, C+85
Time of heating water to operative temperature, min20
Number of GN 1/2 containers, pc2
Capacity of the containers, l9
Weight, kg30


Smooth temperature regulation. Flame ignition system. Gas control device. Water discharge trough the tap on the front panel. The model can work using both natural and condensed gas. A nozzle for condensed gas is supplied as well. Height adjustable legs. To be installed onto MN-02 support unit or onto a table. 

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