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The lava grill GLK-40N is designed for cooking meat, fish and other dishes according to taste, aroma and appearance as if cooked on an open fire. The device can be used both independently and as part of technological lines.
Key information:
Full power capacity, kW8,5
Number of burners1
Number of grids1
Grid dimensions, mm330х495
Overall dimensions, mm750х400х515
Weight, kg35


Works both on natural and liquefied
   gas. Lattice 330x495 mm is located above
   a stone made of volcanic lava; is regulated
   to two positions in height.

   Two-stage adjustment of heating power.
   On the front panel there is a collecting tray
   oil. Piezo spark. Included removable nozzle
   for liquefied gas.

   Height adjustable legs. May be
   is installed on the lower MN-02 700 series module.

   The lava grill GLK-40N is based on the principle
   cooking on coal, but instead of coals
   This is a real volcanic lava,
   which evenly distributes the heat and
   absorbs fat.

   Thanks to powerful gas burners
   volcanic stone quickly accumulates
   Heat and then it works like hot coals.
   This feature frees you from the need
   constantly pour the coal. Flowing fat,
   getting on the heated stones, forms
   aromatic smoke that gives meat
   special taste of "barbecue."

   In the lava grill Abat is used
   High-quality volcanic lava, it
   resistant to external factors and durable.
   For complete cleaning of the deposit and odor, lava
   it is enough to ignite the stone
   a few minutes at high temperature.

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