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GAKO-90P fry top is designated for preparation of such dishes as steaks, fish, pancakes or omlette due to the direct contact of the food with the frying surface
Key information:
Nominal heat input, kW16
Number of burners2
Temperature regulation range of the fry top, °C100-350
Fry top dimensions, mm834х703
Overall dimensions, mm840х900х950
Weight, kg122


Both natural and condensed gas are applicable when using GAKO-90P fry top. Nozzles for condensed gas are inclided into delivery set. Regulated power of the burners (2 positions). One part of the frying surface (834x703 mm) is flat and the other is grooved. At the front panel there is a collector for oil. Piezo ignition system.

Fully of stainless steel. Height adjustable legs.

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