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MKK-300 potato-peeling machine is designed for peeling potato and other edible roots at public catering companies
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kWt0,75
Nominal voltage, V400
Productivity, kg/h300
Peeling cycle, min2
Max loading, kg17
Overall dimensions, mm500х700х806
Weight, kg55


- ceramic grain of the exact form;
- resource is up to 2 times more;
- performance is up to 5 times higher.

The body of the machine is fully made of high-quality stainless steel.

The machine consists of:
-  control board;
-  engine;
-  working chamber;
-  cylinder body.

The process of peeling consists of mechanical treatment of the product by the working units (an abrasive bottom disc and abrasive walls of the working chamber) and the water supplied into the chamber. The peel is removed through the outlet in the cylinder body of the machine to the drainage system directly or through the filter. The machine starts operation by turning the timer. Then the product is loaded and the water is supplied. The level the product is peeled to can be determined visually. The unloading of the product is done due to the centrifugal force. Due to the glass lid the peeling process can be monitored constantly. The simple and user-friendly mechanism of the glass lid opening and fixing makes the process of loading of the roots fast and easy. The machine is equipped by the function of blocking the engine when opening the lid. Anchor fastening to the floor.

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