The counters of the mobile self-service line are designed for organizing buffets and buffets. 

Elements of distribution lines "Asta" and "Premier", as well as a mobile line of self-service can be made of "laminated" (wood-decorated) metal. The price of the distribution line from the "lapped" metal is similar to the price of the stainless steel distribution line.

By default, the distribution lines are made of stainless steel. Laminated positions are made to order.

  • PSP-70PM
    Category: Counter for cutlery and trays  
  • PVV(N)-70PM-NSH
    Category: Refrigerated display counters 
  • PVV(N)-70PM-01-NSH
    Category: Refrigerated display counters 
  • EMK-70PM
    Category: Electric bain-marie counters 
  • EMK-70PM-01
    Category: Electric bain-marie counters 
  • PGN-70PM
    Category: Neutral counters 
  • PTE-70KM(P)-80
    Category: Electric plate dispensers