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Conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 - in developing
The conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 is designed for baking pizza and bakery products, requiring a high cooking temperature independently and as part of technological line.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW27,5
Nominal voltage, V400
Temp. regulation range of the cabinet, °C +70...+315
Conveyer size, mm1830х813
Time for baking regulation range, min0,25...15
Productivity of 1 level, pizza/hour20
Weight, kg360

Conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 - in developing

The conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 is designed for continuous baking pizza and bakery products, from traditional pizza to Ossetic pies, lasagna, sandwiches, vegetables and chicken wings.

The main advantage of conveyer pizza oven in comparison with deck oven is freedom from constant control on the side of a cook. The only thing you need to do is set necessary characterictics on the electronic control panel:

Temp. regulation range of the cabinet +70...+315 °C
Time for baking regulation range from 15 sec to 15 min

Further conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 will work without any assistance!  You need to load part-baked bread for pizza from one side and get flavoured fresh pizza from another side in stipulated time. 

Conveyer pizza oven PEK-800 is so easy in maintenance that even inexperienced cook will manage with it without any effort! 

Internal dimensions of the cabinet (________mm) and conveyer size (1830х813 mm) allow to load 2 pizzas of 80 sm in diameter. 

Productivity of 1 level is 20 pizza (80 sm in diameter) in an hour.

Our specialists provide for installation of conveyer pizza ovens in desk and floor type edition (column  with up to 3 levels on moving stand). This solution can increse productivity in times and occupy minimum space in your kitchen. 

You should not worry even if you buy oven of other producer. Owing to universal construction you can easily install Abat conveyer pizza oven on existing oven. 

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