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PEP-4 electric pizza oven is designated for baking pizza and bakery products which require high preparation temperature at public catering enterprises.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW6.24
Nominal voltage, V400
Time of heating up the cabinet to the operative 300° C temp., min. 35
Number of sections1
Bottom surface, m20.49
Temp. regulation range of the cabinet, °C 20-450
Internal dimensions of the cabinet, mm700x700x179(150)
Number of tubular heating elements6
Overall dimensions, mm 1000(1014)x846(939)x350(375)
Weight, kg94


The main characteristics of the double oven for pizza PEP-4:

- a camera measuring 700x700x179 mm;
- capacity of the oven - 4 pizza blanks with a diameter of 350 mm;
- Operating temperature range in the chamber from +20 to +450 C;
- Purification by pyrolysis at a temperature of +450 C;
- warming up to +300 C in 35 minutes;
- Heating elements made of stainless steel;
- separate adjustment of upper and lower heating elements;
- 2 mechanical thermostats;
- a gate for evacuation of vapors and outflow of heated air from the furnace;
- a thermometer for displaying the actual temperature in the oven;
- emergency thermal switch protects the furnace from overheating over +500 C;
- under a heat-resistant natural stone (felsite) with a thickness of 20 mm;
- internal illumination of each camera;
- doors with a heat-resistant viewing window;
- AISI 304 stainless steel liner;
- the side and back walls are painted with polymer powder paint under "shagreen";
- the inner part of the doors and the frames of the chambers are made of enameled metal;
- frying cabinet made of galvanized sheet 1.5 mm thick.

The camera accommodates 4 pizza blanks with a diameter of 350 mm. Separate adjustment of the power of the upper and lower heating elements. Material for the manufacture of TEN-s is stainless steel. Operating temperature range of the oven is from +20 to +450 C. The installed emergency thermal switch protects the cabinet from overheating from above +500 C. The lining is made of painted metal, the door and frame of the chamber are enameled, and the frying cupboard is made of galvanized sheet 1.5 mm thick. The chamber is equipped with a 20 mm thick refractory stone. In order for the baking process to be as comfortable and intuitive as possible, there is an internal illumination in the working chamber, and the door is equipped with a heat-resistant viewing window.

The design of the furnace allows installation in several tiers, which allows to increase the productivity of the establishment, while saving the working space of the kitchen. Also, the furnace can be installed on the support PP-4.

In terms of quality, these types of furnaces are inferior only to traditional wood-burning stoves and are excellent for those catering establishments whose owners want to make pizza with authentic taste, but do not want to spend money and time to buy and care for a wood-burning stove.

Pizza ovens differ in the size of the inner chamber, which allows you to choose a model for the optimal placement of pizzas of a certain diameter. The furnace chamber PEP-4 has internal dimensions of 700x700x179 mm and accommodates 4 pizza slices with a diameter of 350 mm. If you plan to bake pizza with a large diameter, then you should pay attention to pizza ovens with a larger chamber, in particular, PEP-4x2, PEP-6x2, PEP-6 and PEP-6-01, also presented on our website.

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