Rotary rack ovens of the trademark Abat brand - efficiency and ease of operation for excellent baking!

Rotary furnaces of the trademark "Abat" are intended for baking a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. Fans create a constant movement of hot air in the furnace, casing uniform distribution of heat throughout the working chamber, which together with the rotation of the trolley allows to achieve uniform baking of the products both on a separate baking tray and at all levels of the stud.

Operating modes:
- the camera preheating mode;
- convection mode (dry heating);
- combined mode (heating with periodic injection of steam);
- programmable mode.

Product specifications:
- injection type of vaporization;
- ease and convenience in management;
- new laconic design;
- the enlarged glass of the door allows you to monitor the cooking process even in a fully loaded chamber;
- fan speed control;
- memory for 110 cooking programs;
- up to 4 stages of preparation in each program;
- update the firmware of the controller via USB-port;
- perfect aerodynamics ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the working chamber and, together with the rotation of the trolley, allows uniform coloring of the baking at all levels of the trolley;
- after completion of the cooking process, the rotary frame is automatically set to the position for rolling out the trolley;
- when the door is opened, the hood and the lighting of the camera are switched on automatically; The work of the hood and the lighting of the working chamber is also possible with the door closed.