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An entry table for dirty utensils of SPMF-7-1 type for dishwashing machine MPK-500F, MPK-500F-01 or MPK-500F-02
Key information:
Overall dimensions, mm1160х690х890(1070)
Weight, kg34


An entry table for dirty utensils for frontal dishwasher MPK-500F is a table with a welded-in, seamless sink of 400x400x250 mm size. It has a hand shower for preliminary rinsing of dirty cutlery before its loading to the dishwasher. The dishwashing machine is placed under the table board. Due to easy mounting, the table can be installed in either the left or right modification. The housing assembly is made of a rectangular bar. The table has a splashback and height adjustable legs with rubber space plates. Made of stainless steel.

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