Additional discount for exhibition samples


We remind you about the special offer for

 «Abat exhibition samples» 

The special offer is adressed to: Federal distributors and dealers
Terms of the special offer:
Chuvashtorgtechnika JSC gives you an opportunity to order Abat equipment for your showrooms on a deferred-payment basis (up to 3 month) with additional 2% discount off the price.

You can order the following Abat production as exhibition samples:


- all programmable comi steamers

PKA-6-1/1PP, PKA-10-1/1PP, PKA-20-1/1PP;

- mini-combi steamers PKA-6-1/3P and PKA-6-1/2P with top control panel

- dishwashers MPK-500F, MPK-500-F-01, MPK-500F-02, MPK-5700K, MPK-700К-01, MPK-1100К, MPK-1400К, МPT-1700, MPT-1700-01, MPT-2000;

- pizza ovens PEP-2, PEP-4 and PEP-6-01;
 - all the Abat refrigerated cabinets ;

- rack rotary ovens RPSH-16-2/1;

- convection ovens KEP-4, KEP-4E, KEP-4P, PKE-4E, KPP-4E, KPP-4P, KPP-4-1/2P, KPP-4-1/2E;
- hot proving chambers SHRT-8, SHRT-8E, SHRT-8-01, SHRT-8-01-E, SHRT-8-02, SHRT-8-02E,SHRT-4-02;
- electric indirect tilting boiling pans KPEM-60-ОМR, KPEM-100-OMR, KPEM-160-ОМR with bottom-drive mixer.

To get exhibition samples you should send a request on your сompany's letterhead. The request should contain a list of the samples you need and their quantity. The letter should be signed by the head of your organisation and stamped.

The shipment of the exhibition samples is effected by approval of Deputy General Director of Chuvashtorgtechnika JSC Ramil Khayrutdinov.