Latest offer: electric tilting bratt pan ESK-90-0,27-40-CH (900 series) with cast-iron pan

12.10.2020 08:01

Dear partners and customers!

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Abat electric tilting bratt pans - ESK-90-0,27-40-CH (900 series) with cast-iron pan designed for frying products, sautéing vegetables, braising and poaching fish, meat and vegetables!

Code Name

Electric tilting bratt pan ESK-90-0,27-40-CH, cast-iron pan 572х490х140 mm, bowl bottom area 0,27 m2, 40 l, tilting, 900 series, 840х1050х940 mm, +20…+270°C, 9 kW, 400 V, stainless steel


- side and front walls are made of stainless steel AISI 304 1-mm thick;
- the back wall is made of painted metal;
cast-iron pan;
- internal dimensions of the pan - 572х490х140 mm;
- pan bottom surface - 0,27 m2;
- pan capacity - 40 l;
- non-stick properties and high thermal conductivity of the cast iron pan;
- tubular heating elements heat up the surface of the pan uniformly;
the pan is equipped with a mechanism of lifting and lowering which makes equipment operation and service convenient;
- the lid prevents heating loss and can be fixed in any position;
- thermostat for automatically maintain the set temperature;
- thermoswitch (above +320°С);
- smooth regulation of temperature of the frying surface from +20 C to +270°С;
-  warming up to +230 °С in 12 min;
- air duct;
- overall dimensions - 840х1050х940 mm;
height adjustable legs.

Abat electric tilting bratt pan ESK-90-0,27-40-CH is already available to order!

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