PIR-2020, Moscow

13.10.2020 11:00

Dear partners and customers!

On October 19-22, 2020, we invite all Abat partners and customers to visit our stand 2D30, Pav. 3, Hall 14 at the largest professional event in the field of HoReCa in Russia PIR-2020, which will be held at Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow.

During the exhibition there will be a special offer for Abat equipment! By visiting our stand 2D30, Pav. 3, Hall 14, you will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the latest offers of Abat, but also to purchase modern high-performance equipment directly from the exhibition at a favorable price! For details, you can contact the company employees at the stand.

Guests of the exhibition will be presented the following products of the brand Abat:

- Rotary rack oven RPSH-16-6-4
- Conveyor pizza oven PEK-800 with glass door and stand PP-800
- Conveyor pizza oven PEK-400 with glass door
- Deck oven ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super
- Convection oven KEP-4PM on proofer SHRT-12M + steam extraction and condensation hood ZVV-4-6/4PM
- Convection oven KEP-6P-01 on proofer SHRT-12
- Mini-combi steamer PKA-6-2/3P with boiler
- Injection combi-steamer PKA 10-1/1VP2
- Proofer SHRT-10-1/1M2
- Steam extraction and condensation hood ZVV-800P
- Pizza counter SKHS-70-01P
- Refrigerated counter SKHS-70-02 with glass doors
- Smoker DG-85
- Vacuum meat tumbler MM-50V
- Boiling pan KPEM-100-OMR-HK CHEF series
- Fermentor FT-40P CHEF series
Fermentor FT-100 LIGHT series
- Four-burner induction cooker KIP-49P-5,0-01
- Electric tilting bratt pan ESK-80-0,27-40-K with sandwich bottom
- Electric pasta cooker EVK-90/2P
- Electric fry top AKO-90/1P-S-01 (smooth surface)
- Pot and pan washer MPK-130-65 with holder set and grid
- Hood-type dishwasher MPK-700K-04 with the function of sterilizing plates
- Sterilizer for dishes and utensils STP-1-19
- Knife sterilizer STN-18
- Scale ice maker LG-250CH-01 (water cooling) with ice bin B-300
- Flake ice maker LG-60/20G-02 (air cooling)
- Cube ice maker LG-24/06K-03 (water cooling)
- Shock freezer SHOK-20-1/1PM with the functions of low-temperature cooking, proofing and retarding, defrosting, drying and sterilizing the chamber
- Planetary mixer MPL-40
- Spiral dough mixer TMS-120NN-2P with drain hole CHEF series
- Spiral dough mixer TMS-20NN-MC CHEF series
- Manual compact dough sheeter TRM-320
- Floor dough sheeter TRM-600/1200
- Self-service modular system HOT-LINE:

Detergents for combi-steamers and convection ovens:

Detergents for dishwashing machines:


  • Abat Dez Alco - antiseptic for hands, canister 5 l
  • Abat Dez Chlor - liquid alkaline detergent chlorine for surfaces, canister 5l / 6kg

Thus, just one meeting at our stand can allow you to purchase the latest offers in the HoReCa field at a bargain price!

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We are waiting for you at our booth!