New: Neutral Counters for hot drinks PGN-70H-02 and PGN-70H-03 of the "HOT-LINE"

25.09.2020 11:26

Dear partners and clients!

We are glad to present to your attention the replenishment in the "HOT-LINE" distribution line: counters for hot drinks PGN-70X-02 and PGN-70X-03 of the "HOT-LINE" distribution line, intended for short-term storage and distribution to the consumer of bakery and confectionery products, and also for installing a thermostat and a boiler on their table.

Code Description


Neutral counter PGN-70H-02, 1120 mm, 2 sockets, 1 glass shelf, LED-backlight, removable stainless facade, guidning rails included.


Neutral counter PGN-70H-03, 1500 mm, 2 sockets, 1 glass shelf, LED-backlight, removable stainless facade, guidning rails included.

Counters for hot drinks PGN-70X-02 and PGN-70X-03 can be installed in cafes, restaurants and self-service canteens as part of the "HOT-LINE" distribution line.

Counters PGN-70X-02 and PGN-70X-03 are equipped with a neutral cabinet for storing kitchen utensils: spoons, forks, shovels, ladles, boards and containers.


The height-adjustable feet can be easily replaced with swivel wheels with a stopper. The option with wheels is especially convenient when organizing mobile meals in hotels, restaurants, and outdoor events:

A Set of Wheels if always awailable for order.


21000001912 A set of Wheels for the counters "HOT-LINE" (2 fixed wheels, 2 swivel wheels)

General Characteristics PGN-70H-02 и PGN-70H-03:

- Counter's length 1120 мм (for PGN-70H-02) и 1500мм (for PGN-70H-03),
Two 16 amps socets,
- Five versions of removable panel: walnut, oak, cherry, red gold or stainless steel,
- Panels can be easily removed and just as easily fixed with 4 decorative screws,
- The guiding rails are gap free - we have taken care of the service quality in your Cafe: soups and drinks will not spill while the tray is moving (included),
- the plinth along the bottom edge closes the gap from the floor to the element housing - dust does not accumulate under the products,

A priori the "HOT-LINE" equipment line furnished with stainless steel panels.

You may choose one of 4 options of removable front walls, differing in color and material: walnut, oak, cherry and red gold. 

The panels are easy to remove and are also easily fixed with 4 decorative screws.

Code Description
The counter PGN-70H-02


Front wall EMK-70H (Walnut, 1120 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H (Oak, 1120 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H (Cherry, 1120 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H (Red gold, 1120 mm)

The counter PGN-70H-03


Front wall EMK-70H-01 (Walnut, 1500 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H-01 (Oak, 1500 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H-01 (Cherry, 1500 mm)


Front wall EMK-70H-01 (Red gold, 10 mm)

More detailed information about the HOT-LINE counters is presented in the presentation below:

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