Newly-designed product: Warewasher MPK 130-65

22.09.2020 13:00

Dear Partners and Clients!

The Abat team is pleased to present another novelty - the Warewasher MPK 130-65 with an enlarged washing chamber that allows You to wash large kitchen utensils: boilers, bowls and pots with a diameter of up to 65 cm and a height of up to 65 cm, gastronorm containers of all standard sizes and depths, transport containers, and also when using additional accessories, baking trays, trays, plates, glasses, cups and other kitchen utensils.

Code Description


The Warewasher MPK 130-65, chamber 1300x785x650 mm, 4 washing programs, 2 dispensers (washing, rinsing), washing pump, rinsing pump.


The Warewasher MPK 130-65 (with removable holders No.20 - 2 pieces, No.40 - 2 pieces, No.65 - 2 pieces and a net for washing light items - 2 pieces) chamber 1300х785х650 mm, 4 washing programs, 2 dispensers (washing, rinsing), washing pump, rinsing pump.


- separate water circulation systems for washing and rinsing
- powerful stainless heating elements provide the possibility of operating the machine with both hot and cold water supply
- metal parts of machines in contact with water, as well as cladding, are made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304
- the main parts of the sprinklers are made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 321
- the modular design of the sprayers ensures quick and easy cleaning
- built-in dispensers of detergent and rinse aid with a separate compartment for the installation of canisters with detergent and rinse aid
- an additional pump that increases the pressure of the water supply network, ensures constant pressure and temperature values ​​during rinsing
- full-drawn tub with rounded corners and a double filter system in the wash tub for easy maintenance and hygienic cleaning
- double-walled casing with 15 mm heat-insulating gap reduces energy costs, reduces noise and heat generation
- automatic filling of the bath with water and maintaining its level
- constant control of the temperature of the water in the bath and boiler
- push-button electronic control panel displays the selected washing program, the temperature in the bath and boiler



- dimensions of the working space of the washing chamber: 1300х785х650 mm
- opening height of the washing chamber: 650 mm
- maximum height of kitchen utensils: 650 mm
- washing temperature: not less than +55°С
- rinsing temperature: not less than +85°С
- boiler / bath volume: 17,5 / 120 l
- water consumption per cycle: no more than 8,0 l
- power of the washing dispenser: 3,5 kW
- rinsing dispenser power: 3,5 kW
- power of heating elements of the bath: 9,0 kW
- power of boiler heating elements: 18,0 kW
- total power: 20,6 kW
- noise level: no more than 80 dB
- washing programs: 3/ 6/ 9/ 12 min


- rinse aid dispenser
- detergent dispenser
- washing pump
- rinse pump
- roll-out trolley with rollers


- rinse aid dispenser
- detergent dispenser
- washing pump
- rinse pump
- roll-out cart with rollers
- removable holder No.20 - 2 pcs.
- removable holder No.40 - 2 pcs.
- removable holder No. 65 - 2 pcs.
- mesh for washing light items - 2 pcs.

The enlarged washing chamber ensures high performance of the Warewasher MPK 130-65:

Filling options Working chamber
capacity, pcs
Effeciency, pcs / per hour
Roll-out cart (basket) with rollers 1 19
Boilers (pans) diameter up to 650 mm and height up to 650 mm 2 38
Boilers (pans) diameter up to 320 mm and height up to 650 mm 8 152
Gastronom Containers GN 2/1 24(h≤20), 16(h≤40), 10(h≤65), 2(h>65) 456(h≤20), 304(h≤40), 190(h≤65), 38(h>65)
Gastronom Containers GN 1/1 48(h≤20), 32(h≤40), 20(h≤65), 4(h>65) 912(h≤20),608(h≤40), 380(h≤65), 76(h>65)
Trays GN 2/1 24(h≤20) 456(h≤20)
Trays GN 1/1 48(h≤20) 912(h≤20)
Trays EN 1/1 (600х400 mm) 32(h≤20), 20(h≤40), 14(h≤65) 608(h≤20), 380(h≤40), 266(h≤65)

Productivity for gastronorm containers and baking trays is indicated when using additional accessories (removable holders No.20, No.40, No.65) and selecting the 3 min program .
MPK 130-65 Abat is already available for order!
The Warewasher MPK 130-65 Abat is available for order!

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