Abat at the II European Games in Belarus!

15.05.2019 16:01

Preparation for the II European Games is in full swing! Evroigry will be held on 21-30 June 2019 in Belarus. Participation in the games will be more than 4000 athletes from 50 countries in 15 sports.

The participants of the upcoming events will be posted in the complex "Student Village", which consists of nine dormitories with a capacity of more than 9.8 thousand. People. During II European games, he will be athletes village. It housed the official sports delegations - about 6 thousand people. 

Already solved all organizational issues of training athletes village, one of which was the question of the organization of power athletes. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has personally visited the complex to monitor the process of preparation. Everything should be on the highest level at an event of this magnitude, so the catering facilities of the complex are equipped with high-tech boiler combi steamers Abat, to help fast, tasty, and most importantly useful to feed all the participants in the games due to the pure 100% saturated steam, which is ideal for cooking dietary dishes.

Also on these objects Abat dishwashing machines were delivered by Russian dealers who can easily cope with the cleaning of almost any kitchen utensils in catering.

Abat combi boiler supply at this exhibition realized our official dealer in Belarus - the company ODO "GRELENS"

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