PIR-2019, Moscow: RESULTS

31.10.2019 09:43

Annually, Abat takes part in the largest professional exhibition in Russia in the HoReCa field - PIR (Crocus Expo IEC). This year, on October 7-10, 2019, at the stand of Abat # 2D30 (Pavilion 3, Hall 14), we presented the following new goods to our guests: 

- rotary rack oven RPSH-16-6-4 with cascade-tray type steam humidification system:

- fermentor FT-40:

- convection oven KEP-10P-01 with LED-backlight, triple glazed doors and automatic washing system:

- gas stockpot ranges PGK-15P and PGK-15P-WOK:

- boiler mini-combi steamer PKA6-2/3P:

- boiler combi steamer PKA10-1/1PP2  and injection combi steamer PKA10-1/1VP2 with ventilation hood ZVV-800P with steam condenser and smoker DG-85:

COOK & CHILL as a part of shock freezer SHOK-20-1/1T-01 and boiler combi steamer PKA20-1/1PP2for which we also developed a banquet system - trolley TP-20B-34 and heat insulation: 

- shock freezer SHOCK-20-1/1PM with low temperature cooking functions, sanitation and defrostation:

- almost around the clock at the Abat stand together with our partners from the Zamec school, Igor Golev and Dmitry Lisym, workshops on cooking Roman pizza were held, in which we used conveyor ovens for pizza PEK-800 and PEK-400, deck oven ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super with steam humidification and electronic control, spiral dough mixer TMS-20NN-MC of the CHEF series and TMS-20NN-1R of the LIGHT series and, of course, gastronormalized refrigerated table for pizza СSKHS-70-01P:


- the planetary mixer MPL-40 and spiral dough mixer TMS-120SP-2P of the CHEF series with removable bowl and lifting heat were also demonstrated: 


- in addition, ice makers LG-250CH-01 (with the bin B-300), LG-90/30G-02 and LG-24/06K-02 constantly worked at the Abat stand - all guests could see their performance and quality of the produced these scale, flake, cube ice:

- Abat induction equipment was also presented at the stand - induction ranges KIP-49P-5,0-01, KIP-2П-01 and the latest development from Abat - induction boiling pan KPIM-60/9T:


- the high-temperature indirect boiling pans KPEM-100-OMP-H and KPEM-60-OMR-H  worked in demo mode, gas boiling pan KPGM-60-OMR was presented to the attention of visitors


- stand visitors could also get acquainted with the vacuum meat tumbler MM-50V:


- HOT-LINE Self-Service Modular System:

- and pot & Pan washer MPK-130-65 with set of holders and grid:

We also announced the release of washing and rinsing chemicals under the brand name Abat, namely: 

1) washing and rinsing chemicals for combi steamers:
- Abat PW tabs (100 pcs) - washing tablets for PKA
- Abat PR tabs (100 pcs) - rinsing tablets for PKA
- Abat PW (5 L) - liquid alkaline concentrated washing agent for PKA
- Abat PR (5 l) - liquid acid concentrated rinsing agent for PKA
- Abat PW&R (5 L) - liquid alkaline concentrated washing agent with rinsing effect for PKA
- Abat Decalc (5 L) - liquid acid concentrated rinsing agent for boiler decalcification for PKA
- Abat Antimineral (5 l) - liquid acid concentrated agent for removing mineral deposits in the PKA chamber
- Abat Antimineral Bio (5 L) - concentrated liquid acid agent for removing mineral deposits in the PKA chamber

2) washing and rinsing chemicals for washing machines:
Abat DW (5 л) - liquid alkaline concentrated washing agent for PMM жидкое щелочное концентрированное моющее средство для ПММ 
Abat DR (5 л) - liquid acid concentrated rinsing agent for PMM жидкое кислотное концентрированное ополаскивающее средство для ПММ
- Abat DW AL (5 л) - liquid alkaline concentrated washing agent for automatic washing of aluminium dishes for PMM

These positions will be on the price list in January 2020.

We take this opportunity to remind you that we offer our dealers an extensive assortment of goods for exhibiting in exhibition halls and for the free-of-charge supervised use of goods - for this point, please contact with Marketing department of Chuvashtorgtehnika JSC. We will be glad to answer Your questions!