Latest offer: storage bin B-400 for scale ice makers LG-1200CH-01, (-02)

04.12.2019 11:15

Dear partners and customers!

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Abat storage bins - B-400 for collection and storage of ice produced by Abat scale ice makers LG-1200CH-01, LG-1200CH-02.

Code Name
71000019601 Storage bin B-400 for scale ice makers LG-1200CH-01, (-02), 400 kg, 1250х750х1180 mm, stainless steel exterior

The special version of the B-400 storage bin has the following design changes:

Design changes Standard version Special version
1 Excluded cover
2 Cover fixing screws excluded
The above design changes have led to a change in the following characteristics:
1 Overall dimensions, mm 1250x750x1200 1250x750x1180
2 Weight, kg 73 71


Standard version Special version
Code Name Code Name
71000019412 B-400 71000019601 B-400 (without cover)
Abat scale ice makers:
Abat scale ice makers:


The special version of the B-400 storage bin for scale ice makers LG-1200CH-01, (-02) is already available to order!

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