Latest offer: Refrigerated counter PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH

12.12.2019 13:01

Dear partners and customers!

Meet the novelty - refrigerated counter with neutral cupboard PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH!

Code Name

Cold serving display counter PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH (1120 mm, saladette + 1 ... + 10 C (open), a cooled bath without gastronome containers, 2 shelves, LED-backlight, removable stainless steel. facade, guiding rails included)

PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH is designated for storage, display and serving of cold snacks, third courses and cool drinks to customers.

Cold serving display counter PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH can be installed in cafes, restaurants and self-service canteens separately or as part of HOT-LINE Self-Service Modular System.

Below there is a neutral cupboard for keeping kitchen utensils.

Technical specifications PVV(N)-70H-02-NSH:

- two glass shelves,
-  saladette +1…+10 С (opened),
refrigerated bath without gastronorm containers,
5 options for removable panels: nut, oak, cherry, red gold or stainless steel,
LED-lights - cost-effective and comfortable light without ripple,
- panels can be easily removed and just as easily attached to 4 decorative screws,
guiding rails without joints (are included into delivery set),
the base on the lower edge closes the gap from the floor to the tray counter body - dust does not accumulate under the tray counter,
height adjustable legs.

By default elements of the self-service modular system are made of stainless steel panels.

For your choice, we provide 4 options for removable panels: nut, oak, cherry and red gold. 

The panels are easily removed and just as easily attached to 4 decorative screws.

Front wall PVV(N)-70H (Nut, 1120 mm)
Front wall PVV(N)-70H  (Oak, 1120 mm)
Front wall PVV(N)-70H (Cherry, 1120 mm)
Front wall PVV(N)-70H (Red gold, 1120 mm)

If you purchase electric plate dispensers as independent equipment, you will need a set of end for guiding rails

The delivery of the set is carried out at the request of the buyer.

Code Name
21000001875 Set of end for guiding rails for Self Service Modular System "HOT-LINE" (left))
21000001874 Set of end for guiding rails for Self Service Modular System "HOT-LINE" (right)

Height adjustable legs can be easily replaced by wheels equipped with stoppers. The option with wheels is especially convenient when organizing mobile catering in hotels, restaurants:

For ease of installation and movement of this, a set of wheels is possible.



Set of wheels for Self Service Modular System "HOT-LINE"(2 fixed wheels, 2 swivel wheels)

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