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The kettle with functions of mixing and manual tilting KPEM-100-OMR-HK is designated for preparation of broths, first, second and third dishes. It is used at public catering enterprises independently or as part of technological lines.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW19,7
Nominal voltage, V3N/PE 400V 50Hz
Nominal volume, l100
Full volume, l110
Mixing tool+
Time of heating to +95 °C, min, not more than55
Max product temperature, °C+125 °C
Bowl diameter, mm648
Overall dimensions, mm1310х979х1244
Weight, kg220


ABAT Boiling Pans (Kettles) - 2020


- body of stainless steel AISI 304;
- seamless bowl of stainless steel AISI 304;
- seamless bowl of stainless steel AISI 316 is available at request;
max product temperature +125 °C​;
- memrane keyboard
- water nozzle on bowl rim;
- the lid can be fixed in the top position;
- the mixing tool is easy to remove and wash in a dishwasher;
- mixing speed regulation from 0 to 120 rpm (10 steps);
- reverse mode;
- manual tilting;
- bottom type mixer drive;
- 40-mm drain-off valve on the front panel;
- timer from 1 min to 9 h 59 min.



The kettle is supplied with an assembly foot-mounted base under the foundation bolts M10x100.
With the help of the OMR-HK series kettles you can cook any soups, sauces, compotes, porridges, including:
- scrambled eggs: eggs, milk, butter mixed with a mixer; simultaneous heating of the mass; egg mass, mixing, brewing, turns into a scramble; bring to readiness;
- pilaf: carrots and onion in the frying pan in vegetable oil with continuous mixing with a mixer; add pieces of meat, fry together with vegetables; pour water, stew under the lid; add rice, bring to readiness;
- roast: fry vegetables (onions, carrots) in vegetable oil with continuous stirring; without stopping to stir, add meat, fry, add water and stew meat, add tomato paste, put out; place the potatoes in the mixture, bring them to readiness;
- goulash: fry carrots and onions, add meat, continue frying, add water and stew under the lid until ready;
- vegetable stew: fry carrot and onions in the oil with the mixer running, add zucchini, eggplants, sweet pepper, tomatoes, stew under a closed lid, periodically mixing with a mixer, bring to readiness;
- chicken stew: fry chicken in oil with continuous stirring, add water, spices, tomato paste, bring to readiness;
- soup puree from legumes: green peas or lentils boil in a cauldron on the water, bring to the ready, drain the water, beat the vegetables with a mixer, add spices to taste;
- mashed potatoes: boil potatoes in a cauldron, drain the water, add butter, beat up, add milk, beat until homogeneous consistency;
- porridge manna: bring the water to a boil, add butter and milk, boil; Add the semolina to the boiling mixture, mix with a mixer; cook the porridge for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow the croup to swell, while the mixer continues to work;
- bolognese sauce: fry the onions with carrots in vegetable oil with the mixer running, add the stuffing, do not stop stirring, add water or broth, tomato paste, spices and bring the sauce to readiness;
- cabbage stewed: onions, carrots to save with a working mixer, add minced meat, add cabbage, water as necessary, mix; stew until ready or semi-ready, if cabbage will be used as a pie filling;
- garnishes from cereals: pour the rump with water, cook until ready; depending on whether the viscous is porridge or crumbly, add water.

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