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ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super - in developing
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW29,04
Nominal voltage, V400
Number of sections3
Bottom surface of the section, m20,78
Temp. regulation range, °C+30...+320
Time of heating the oven up to 240° C, min.30
Internal dimensions of the section, mm1253х650х276(250)
Capacity of the section3 x EN 1/1 (3 х 600х400 mm)
Overall dimensions, mm 1590х1700х992
Weight, kg423

ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super - in developing

Electric deck oven ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super is designed for baking the whole range of culinary and confectionery products from air-whipped cakes to coarse bread.

Ideal solution for professional bakers!

New laconic design. Excellent productivity.

Features of electric deck oven ESHP-3-01KP 3EN Super:

- electronic control panel
- possibility of recording 110 cooking programs
- up to 4 stages of preparation in each program
- productivity – 66 loaf moulds №7 with dough pieces in an hour
- each chamber of the oven has its own steam generator
- steam generator with rods under hearth from natural stone
- programming of steam supplying time
- load capacity of each chamber – 6х600х400 mm
- hearth from the heat-resistant natural stone (cordierite) 14 mm thick provides necessary temperature mode for baking a real hearth bread
- fully made of tempered glass doors open up and down
- enlarged height of the chamber – 250 mm (up to heating elements) / 276 mm (general) allows to bake high multitray confectioneries
- vent system extracts excessive humidity from the chamber and deliver fresh air: time of moisture extraction is set by program and switch on automatically
- max baking temperature is +320 °C
- emergency thermoswitch prevents from overheating over +360 °C
- heating elements are from stainless steel
- door glasses are easily removed for cleaning of the chamber
- the stand, side and back frames are from stainless steel
- ability of manual operation
- internal chamber illumination
- height adjustable legs

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