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ESK-80-0,27-40 with sandwich bottom
Electric tilting bratt pan, ESK type is used to fry products in a common way, saute vegetables, smother and also poach fish, meat and vegetable dishes.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW9
Nominal voltage, V400
Number of tubular heating elements3
Time of heating the pan up to 230° C, min. 12
Temp. regulation range, °C+20...+270
Nominal capacity of the pan, dm240
Pan bottom surface, m20,27
Internal dimensions of the pan, mm577х470х197
Overall dimensions, mm 800х899х950
Weight, kg101

ESK-80-0,27-40 with sandwich bottom

- side and front walls are made of stainless steel (1 mm thick);
- the back wall is made of painted metal;
seamless pan;
- internal dimensions of the pan 577х470х197 mm;
- pan bottom surface 0,27 m2;
- nominal capacity of the pan 40 l;
- sandwich bottom allows to keep warm during and after cooking;
- tubular heating elements heat up the surface of the pan uniformly;
- the pan is equipped with a mechanism of lifting and lowering which makes the bleeding and service of the pan convenient;
- the lid prevents heating loss and can be fixed in any position;
- thermostat for automatically maintain the set temperature;
- thermoswitch (above +320 °С);
- smooth regulation of temperature of the frying surface from +20 C to +270 °С;
- warming up to +230 °С in 12 minutes;
- air duct;
- overall dimensions 800х899х950 mm;
- the pan has height adjustable legs.

 The bottom of the pan is 10 mm thick. It allows keeping the heat during the cooking process. 

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