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AKO-90/1P-S-01 (smooth surface)
Electric fry top AKO-90/1P-S-01 (smooth surface) is designated for preparation such dishes as griddle meat, fish and vegetables at the same time with maximum efficiency and no flavor transfer.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW12
Nominal voltage, V400
Frying surface dimensions, mm834х703
Frying surface, m20,52
Max temperature of the frying surface, °C+270
Time of heating the frying surface to the max temperature, min30
Overall dimensions, mm844х900х950
Weight, kg109

AKO-90/1P-S-01 (smooth surface)


- material frying surface - steel
- frying surface design - smooth
- all exterior panels in stainless steel
- temperature range from +30°C up to +270°C
- splash guard on the rear and sides of frying surface
- safety thermostat and thermostatic control
- 2 drain holes on the frying surface permits the draining of fat into 2 grease collection containers placed under the frying surface
air duct 
8 heating elements under the frying surface
- height-adjustable legs
- it can be used both independently and as a part of the cooking line 900 series

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