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A high-temperature, refrigerated counter with a neutral cupboard is designated for storage, display and serving of cold snacks, third courses and cool drinks to customers. ATTENTION: "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system is made to order with stainless steel panels! Additionally, you can purchase a set of end for guiding rails and a set of wheels.
Key information:
Nominal voltage, V230
Effective showcase volume, m30,39
Effective bath volume, m30,044
Display surface of the shelves, m21,34
Display surface of the bath/desktop, m20,49
Temp. of the effective showcase volume, °C+5…+15
Power consumption per day, kWt/h, at most7
Total weight of the refrigerant, kg0,38
Number of illumination lamps2
Overall dimensions, mm1120х717(1016)х1620
Weight, kg158


- closed showcase,
- display surface = 1,83 m2,
- saladette -5…-15 С (динамика),
- refrigerated bath with gastronorm containers,
- neutral cupboard for kitchen utensils,
- climate class - 4,
3 rows of shelves,
5 options for removable panels: nut, oak, cherry, red gold or stainless steel,
- panels can be easily removed and just as easily attached to 4 decorative screws,
- bent glass with splinterproof film on the buyer's side,
LED-lights - cost-effective and comfortable light without ripple,
- guiding rails without joints (are included),
the base on the lower edge closes the gap from the floor to the tray counter body - dust does not accumulate under the tray counter,
height adjustable legs.

Additionally, a set of end for guiding rails is available.

Also, for the convenience of installing and moving the product, you can additionally purchase a set of wheels (2 fixed wheels, 2 swivel wheels).

ATTENTION: "HOT-LINE" self-service modular system is made to order with stainless steel panels!

Download materials PVV(N)-70H-S-NSH