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LG-250CH-01 (water cooling)
LG-250CH-01 scale ice maker is designed for scale ice production, used for the production of semi-finished and sausage products, for storing vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, for cooling drinks and preparing cold water in public catering, trade, meat processing and fish processing industry.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW1,4
Nominal voltage, V230
Ice typescale
Cooling systemwater
Productivity, kg/24 h250
Total weight of refrigerant, kg0,47
Water consumption, l/kg7,8
Compatible binsB-400, BN-2-100
Overall dimensions, mm912х585х661
Weight, kg110

LG-250CH-01 (water cooling)

The ice maker LG-250CH-01 is made entirely of stainless steel. For ease of maintenance, all panels of the frame are removable.

Operated with a stationary bunker B-400 or with a storage bin BN-2-100.

Water cooling system. A vertically oriented, stationary drum-evaporator for the intentional ice ensures the tightness of the refrigerant supply system throughout the life of the product. The ice that has frozen on the evaporator drum is cut with a knife, which is driven by a geared motor.

The main characteristics of the ice maker LG-250CH-01:
- high productivity - 250 kg / day - with low water consumption - 7.8 l / kg;
- stable operation, including in hot climatic conditions;
- Various options for installation and operation with stationary or rolling bins (B-400 hopper, BN-2-100 bunker);
- adjustable legs;
- complete with a scoop for collecting ice.

Operation of the ice maker is allowed at an ambient temperature of +10 ºС to + 43 ºС, relative humidity from 40 to 70%.

The cycle of the ice maker LG-250CH-01:
1. WATER BATH FILLING MODE (cycle time 5 minutes);
2. FREEZE mode (in this mode the ice maker operates continuously).
In the event of disconnection and re-activation, the operation of the ice maker starts with the mode of filling the bath with water.

To protect against damage, the ice maker LG-250CH-01 is equipped with an automatic shutdown system for the following cases:
- lack of water supply to cool the condenser;
- refrigerant leaks;
- increased load on the motor-reducer due to mechanical impact;
- overflow of the bunker with ice.

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