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KIP-49P-5,0-01 (independent inductors)
Four-burner induction cooker KIP-49P-5,0-01 for preparation of the first, second and third dishes in the cookware. The used dishes must have magnetic properties (a magnet must be attracted to it) and have a flat bottom. Utensils made of stainless steel or aluminum with a ferromagnetic bottom, cast-iron dishes can be used.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption of the cooker, kW20
Rated voltage, V400
Number of heating zones (induction heating elements)4
The power consumption of each induction heating element, kW, when all the burners are operating simultaneously5
Glass-ceramic surface thickness, mm6
Maximum permissible load on the working surface, kg80
Maximum permissible load on the heating zone, kg20
Overall dimensions, mm840х900х940
Weight, kg85

KIP-49P-5,0-01 (independent inductors)

The main characteristics of the induction cooker KIP-49P-5,0-01:

- four independent inductors;
- four heating zones;
- the power consumption of each induction heating element - 5,0 kW;
- thickness of glass-ceramic surface - 6 mm;
- countertop, front and side panels, air duct, stand with shelf - completely made of stainless steel;
- timer;
- smooth temperature regulation from +60 to +240 С (heating power values ​​from "1" to "9");
- the minimum diameter of the dishes - 115 mm;
- the maximum diameter of dishes - 300 mm;
the cooling fan switches on automatically when the temperature reaches 50 ° C inside the plate and switches off when the temperature drops to 35 ° C;
- washable, easily removable grease filter;
- protection against voltage surges;
- a network cable with a plug, rated for 400 V, with a grounding contact is included;
- height adjustable legs.

Operating modes:
- Power heating mode;
- Temperature heating mode;
- Power timer mode;
- Temperature timer mode.

Power level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Temperature, °С +60 +80 +100 +120 +140 +160 +180 +200 +240

When carrying out maintenance and repair of the inductors or in case of their replacement, to access them it is enough to dismantle the air duct and countertop, which ensures that these works are carried out as soon as possible. The independence of the inductors from each other allows to operate even when one of them fails.

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